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Brand New Music

In case you didn't know it, Bobby blu-tone is an unstoppable songwriter who is constantly composing new songs. Here are the latest recordings, and expect more soon, always...

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Direct Album Links
10 - Tenderheart
9 - Blood On My Hands
8 - Occupy
7 - Praise With The Blutones
6 - Menagerie
5 - If The Cucumber Says It's Done (Stick A Fork In It)
4 - Our Second Christmas Album
3 - The Night When Christ Was Born
2 - Unknown Artist
1 - Grave Robber
Divine blu-tones

Live on Sunday

Bobby leads worship on Sunday morning at Uplink Church in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Stop by sometime and say hi! .
Divine blu-tones

The Night When Christ Was Born

The Night That Christ Was Born is the 2018 Christmas album from Milwaukee's Divine blu-tones.
Divine blu-tones


Specialer is the latest single from Milwaukee's Divine blu-tones.
Divine blu-tones

Unknown Artist

Unknown Artist is the Winter 2018 album from Milwaukee's Divine blu-tones.

Blue Ridge Runner

The Blue Ridge Runner is a rebel and a loner. Will he ever stop running and trust in Him? We sure hope so, because you know there Ain't No Runnin away from the Lord...
Crimson Way Community Center

Grand Opening

The Divine blu-tones were honored to participate in the Grand Opening of Crimson Way Church and Community Center (now known as Crimson Way Church and Hope MKE) in West Allis near the busy corner of National, Greenfield and 60th. See the facebook page for more information about how this location is touching real people in the community.
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Cabin in the Woods

When we're not playing out in and around Milwaukee, we are constantly songwriting and recording as we spend time alone with God in a secret imaginary cabin in the woods.
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Divine blu-tube

The Divine blu-tones out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin share ALL their original music and live performance videos on Divine blu-tube.
Divine blu-tones

Nice to Meet You

With God's help, we're doing great things. Please keep the Divine blu-tones in your prayers :-)

Please keep the melodious Brothers and Sisters in Christ we've played with at Crimson Way Church in your prayers:
Shane and Tatiana - Vocal Power of Love
The Amazing Ian - Keys and Vocals
Miguel Maestro - Acoustic Guitar
Rondale Leangelo Austin - Keys and Vocals
Derek Wells, Amy, Ashley and Deborah Divine - Spirit Filled Vocals
Dave Luthier and Duane Blu-axe - Electric Guitar
Dan Missouri - Bible Belt Man on Acoustic
Lynn Rhythm - Drums
Will and Gabriel - Angels from Eastbrook on Vocals, Guitar and Drums

Please keep the Mighty Kenundrum in your prayers

And also remember to pray for our studio team: Andrew Eternal - Night Divine Studio One (NDS1) Engineer

Thank you!